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I know you.  You started a business because you had big dreams.  Like, REALLY. BIG. DREAMS.

You dove in and started getting paid to do what you love.

But now you’re spending more time doing all of the other soul-sucking business things and the whole entrepreneur thing is becoming a little less dreamy.

Your business has become something that makes you anxious and frustrated, rather than being part of your dream life.

I know you because I’ve been you. And you’re here so I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

About Me

I’m a mom of 5 who’s been through multiple businesses looking for the magical unicorn business that let me have it all.  Turns out that the answer is any business, as long as you do it right.  No matter if you’re a coach, a Maker, a designer, a developer, a social media marketer, or a digital strategist – it all comes down to setting boundaries and creating systems.

A successful business is about showing up, creating results, and building amazing relationships.  And the less time you spend worrying about logistics and the boring stuff, the more time you have to spend on the part of your business that truly lights you up.

I Really Want to See You Thrive.

Let me help you build systems and processes that allow you to run your business with confidence.

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Free Resources

I like to teach, so you’ll find a nice catalog of free resources here on my site.  You can sign up for my free weekly virtual coworking session, download guides aplenty, or dive into one of my many free masterclasses.

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DIY Resources

Not everyone is in a position to hire out their systems and processes, and I 100% understand that.  So, with that in mind, I have resources just for you that range from self-paced courses to small blocks of 1:1 help to get you unstuck and back on track.

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Strategy & Implementation

There are two types of entrepreneurs that need my help.  The first just need help planning, and then they are comfortable doing the actual work.  The second type needs a little more hands-on help with either tech or accountability.  Either way, I’m here for you!

No two businesses look exactly alike, so I’ve created a catalog of resources to help meet you where you are.

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Download my free guide to 3 Quick Wins to Gain Back Time & Sanity in Your Day.


Dani not only has a thorough grasp of ConvertKit but an understanding of its place in an overall business marketing strategy. I’m personally very comfortable with tech and software, yet struggled to use ConvertKit to its full potential. After our session, Dani provided me with a checklist full of actionable advice written for my specific issues. Typically this would overwhelm me, but this time I am actually implementing Dani’s suggestions. That’s because she broke everything out into a prioritized plan. I’m not getting hung up on less-important things, nor am I stressing out about where to focus first. If your e-mail marketing could use some actual strategy, or you know you could make better use of ConvertKit, and you want expert advice from someone who’s been there/done that with ConvertKit many times over, I highly recommend booking a strategy session with Dani. It’s money and time well spent.

Teresa Rosche Ott Owner, A Fearless Venture

My experience working with Dani was very valuable. She was professional and prepared, which is important to me a busy entrepreneur. In only one hour, she was able to look at my email system and strategies, and recommend specific actions that I could take to improve results. Our session was informative, focused and she knew how to deliver information in an easy to understand manner.

Camille Attell Founder, More Than a Wheelin’

My session with Dani was fantastic. I had questions on if my content was good, if I was managing my forms correctly, and if I wad using ConvertKit to its max potential. She took the time to go over all of my questions and concerns. Dani also gave me great advice on where to improve. Dani is knowledgeable and super easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Amanda Figlio Owner, Betty Lou Hosting

I…have to say thank you for sharing your thoughts on my business and of me as a business owner. It was a real confidence booster to be recognized in that way while also helping me keep my strengths in mind when going forward. It continues to help me leave ventures that involve my weaknesses behind and only focus on things that I’ll be good at. My business has never seen so much growth in such a small period of time! So many entrepreneurs are swimming (or drowning, really) in information. While I knew a lot of what you had said, it was great to be confirmed and to solidify a plan with someone outside of my business. It was so incredibly helpful! I’d recommend you to everyone with an email list of any size!!

Liz Wilcox Founder, Liz Wilcox’s Virtual Campground

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