Have you tried the Indecision Obliterator?

Hi, I’m Dani. And I’m a bit of a nerd.



I know you.  You started a business because you had big dreams.  Like, REALLY. BIG. DREAMS. You dove in and started getting paid to do what you love.  But then the reality of being a business owner hit, and you’re spending more time doing all of the other things and that part you love is becoming a little less dreamy because it’s stuck behind all the other stuff. Maybe you started your business because you wanted to travel, but at some point, you became chained to your laptop and just can’t shut down and get away. Maybe you started your business because you wanted to quit that 9-to-5 and spend more time with your kids, but now you’re too busy to run to the park at random or commit to that awesome playgroup your friends are telling you about.  And trying to work after the kids go to bed is really killing your sleep patterns (and maybe even your marriage). Maybe it’s even got to the point where you’ve broken down a time or two because your business has become something that makes you anxious and frustrated more than it fulfills your dream. I know you because I’ve been you. And you’re here so I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can run your business rather than let it run you.  You don’t have to hire a VA (though you probably should), you can even take a weekend (or a week, or a month) off without everything falling to pieces.  Your business can be dreamy again.  And instead of controlling your life, it can be a key support in living the amazing life of your dreams, no matter what that is. There is hope, and it’s not as overwhelming as it probably feels like it is right now.  Let me show you how.


I’m a mom of 5 who’s been through multiple businesses looking for the magical unicorn business that let me have it all.  Turns out that the answer is any business, as long as you do it right.  No matter if you’re a coach, a Maker, a designer, a developer, a social media marketer, or a digital strategist – it all comes down to setting boundaries and creating systems. A successful business is about consistency and building amazing relationships.  And the less time you spend worrying about logistics and the boring stuff, the more time you have to spend on the part of your business that truly lights you up.
Fun Fact #1
I’m a diehard Kansas City Royals fan. – No seriously, I have a KC Royals tattoo, and two kids named after players.
Fun Fact #2
I have three tattoos.  The very first one I got goes straight up my spine.  I already told you about my second one, and my third was an impulse while on a press trip (it’s a compass on my forearm). I’m constantly looking for inspiration, new artists, and planning more ink.
Fun Fact #3
I really am a total nerd. – Spreadsheets, systems, workflows, statistics, they all make me giddy as can be.  I thought for a long time that this was a bad thing, but now I embrace my nerdy side (so you can stop trying to be a nerd and let me just do that for you. 😉 )
Fun Fact #4

I dream of taking my large family on the road and being nomads.  Sounds crazy, I know.  (⇐ We actually made this a reality in 2017!)


Dani Schnakenberg is a Business Systems Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs who want to ditch overwhelm to create a sustainable, dreamy business through establishing boundaries and systems that work for them.  After 7 years in entrepreneurship, she knows that it doesn’t have to be all about the hustle and grind. It’s the systems and processes that we build that allow us to build empires and live dreamy lives all at the same time.

When she’s not nerding out over workflows, spreadsheets, and statistics, you can find Dani traveling with her husband and five kids, taking in a baseball game, or getting a little bit of peace and quiet on her yoga mat. Get all of Dani’s best tips, tricks, and tutorials at https://simplifiedbusinesssystems.com.

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