Have you tried the Indecision Obliterator?

hey there, neurodivergent!

I’m so thrilled you found your way here.  Welcome to a place for entrepreneurs where you’re understood and celebrated. Here, you won’t find any boxes to fit into or one-size-fits-all advice. Nor will you ever hear “just do it.”

My goal is to make this page into an ever-growing library of resources for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. 

Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see added or need to be pointed in the right direction for a specific struggle you’re having?  Use that chat bubble in the bottom right corner. 

weekly virtual coworking

Need some accountability to get your butt in your chair and get some work done? Join me for virtual coworking each Thursday.

From 1pm – 3pm Central, I host coworking via Zoom.  Can’t stay for the whole time?  No worries, come and go as you please.

And there are no rules about what to work on!  Use the body-doubling to your advantage whether it’s knocking out emails, finishing some client work, or finally folding that pile of laundry.

the indecision obliterator

The hardest part of getting started is deciding what to start on.

The Indecision Obliterator was built to get you past that in a hurry.

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the neurodivergent entrepreneur toolkit

My goal is to introduce you to a variety of tools that could be candidates for your own toolkit. Keep what works for you, toss what doesn’t.

Toolkits are meant to be curated to your specific needs and natural tendencies, and they are constantly evolving. 

There are no rules about what can be in your toolkit.

The point is just that you have defined resources that you can call on to help you get things done.

This guide provides you with a starting point of habits and methods, as well as physical and digital tools to help you curate your own neurodivergent toolkit.

ready for some 1:1 help?

💡 Ready to talk through your offers to see how you can make them more ADHD-friendly?

💡 Have questions about how to better use Notion to work for your specially wired brain?

💡 Need another set of eyes on your processes to see how you can streamline them better?

💡 Want to screenshare and set up your digital business hub?

Sounds like a Pick My Brain session is a great idea!

ADHD-related blog posts

How to Use Notion: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets For Beginners

How to Use Notion: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets For Beginners

If you do a quick google search for “how to get started with Notion,” you’ll be greeted by a plethora of how-to articles detailing the platform’s features.  They’ll tell you about the different block types and how to create pages and format everything.  And...

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My Reliable External Brain

My Reliable External Brain

Notion is the glue that holds my ADHD-self together. I never used to be so fanatical about specific apps. I was more of a “whatever gets the job done” kind of gal. But over the past year, as I’ve learned to work /with/ my brain rather than try to force it into boxes I...

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The Inbox: A Cornerstone of Entrepreneurial Anxiety

The Inbox: A Cornerstone of Entrepreneurial Anxiety

By definition, anxiety is apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness, usually over an impending or anticipated ill.   Anxiety is essentially the fear of unmet expectations. We are afraid we won’t meet an expectation, and something ill will come of it. Often, those...

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