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Exploring Two Basic Newsletter Types

So, first things first, let’s define what I mean by newsletter.  If you’re old enough (ahem), the word likely brings to mind a folded four-page paper newsletter that you got monthly in the mail from say your church, community, or other groups.  It featured...

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5 Reasons You Should Be Sending a Weekly Newsletter

But I don’t have anything to say. That’s what clients tell me when I mention that they should be sending out some sort of weekly newsletter.  Yikes. What they really mean is “I don’t have anything to sell.”  For most of the clients I work with, they have only been...

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The Case for Fewer Apps

If you’re like me, your social media feeds are filled with tutorials and sponsored ads for various apps, tools, and platforms that say they’ll help you streamline your business and double your revenue.  Seriously, google “project management” or “Asana” once and those...

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One Simple Tool to Combat Overwhelm

After many rounds of burnout, I’ve learned a couple of things.  Mostly, I’ve gotten really familiar with the symptoms leading up to it.  Today we’re going to talk about one in particular: overwhelm. Overwhelm isn’t pretty, and we experience it so often in...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use G Suite for Email

When setting up email marketing for clients, one of the most important suggestions I make is for people to sign up for a G Suite account. If you’re in business, having a reliable email service is a cornerstone and worth investing a little bit of money and...

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