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Your business thrives when you hire the right people for the right work.

I believe in hiring businesses that share the same values I do.  This business directory focuses on businesses that are either woman-owned, nomad-owned or are in some way giving back or doing good in the world.

Brand Your Being

As a trained psychotherapist I help you translate your genuine skills and personality into a brand that's authentic, practical, and effective. I offer start-to-finish services including brand formulation, copywriting, branding and web design. The process is personal, collaborative, and strategic.

Ideal Client: I love to work with people who are willing to bring their full selves and story to the table. I believe personal brands should be personal, and best suit the client and clientele - not one or the other. My ideal clients are often coaches, therapists, and like-minded healers and creatives.
Christina Shults Design

I travel the country while working with wonderful people and businesses on bringing their creative visions to life, taking in infinite amounts of inspiration on the road and setting aside the time we both need to dedicate ourselves to the project.

My services range from creating new identities from scratch (logo creation, business cards, small websites, etc), to creating beautiful branding materials to further push your brand along in the direction you want it to go in (editorial design, stationery, eBooks, social media graphics, etc). My style is clean, thorough and always well-researched no matter which industry your business is in.

Ideal Client: My ideal client is someone who understands the importance of beautiful branding and how it can elevate their business to the next level. They're passionate about what they do want to make sure their vision comes alive in the best way possible. Nothing makes me happier than taking on a project with someone who is excited about what they do and ready to go all in.
Ciera Design Studio

I'm passionate about helping small businesses bring their visions to life through intentional graphic design & branding.

I don’t (and won’t) design “just a logo” - I’m in it for the long haul and want to be an ongoing partner in helping your business to succeed.

Ideal Client: Creative entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in taking their business to the next level. My ideal client is ready to transform their brand and fulfill their greatest potential.

I adore working with passionate solopreneurs and small businesses to design captivating and cohesive brand identities allowing them to develop a brand they can build their business upon and exceed their biggest goals.
Emily Bihl | Words And Pictures

Expertly crafted copy with an eye toward design— a native luxury lifestyle writer with plenty to say.

Ideal Client: Fashion brands, luxury lifestyle brands, beauty brands, spirits
Eryn Morgan: Success Strategist

As a business success strategist, I help female business owners to become the leaders of their businesses and lives. As a coach, I've cultivated skills that help clients create big pictures visions while attending to the tiny details. I believe that everyone's strategy should be unique to their businesses and connected to their soul, and I work closely with each client to develop their unique action plan. I'm uniquely qualified to help my clients navigate day-to-day business challenges with sales, marketing, and biz operations/backend, and help them to create success mindsets that allow them to live their success story now. My broad skill-set and knowledge base acquired over decades in various industries allows me to help clients with a huge range of challenges, while always helping them to stay focused on their very next step. I work one-on-one with all of my clients so they receive the personalized guidance, support, and accountability they crave.

Ideal Client: My ideal client is a woman who has a creative, service-based business. She's experiencing a lot of success and isn't struggling day-to-day, but is realizing that she can't keep up this frantic pace. She realizes there are many things she doesn't know and wishes she had a biz partner to fill in the gaps and provide sound advice. She's ready to build a team, raise her prices, and leverage her time in a way that helps her experience more daily satisfaction as a business owner while pursuing her long-term goals and dreams. She's looking for a business coach who can guide her through this gap so she can build her skills, confidence, and bottom line in business.
GrowMeow Consulting

I'm a nomadic digital marketer.I focus primarily on Facebook, organic/paid, as well as the associated content and bots.

My goal is to produce content and ads so likable, your prospective customers enjoy seeing them despite the"sponsored" disclaimer at the top. Nobody likes ads, so it's imperative to give your customers something they love in return for the interruption.

Ideal Client: Good people with unique and visually interesting products/services who take excellent care of their customers and practice the golden rule in all interactions.

Bonus if they're in the outdoors/camping/travel/fishing spaces!
New Heights Financial Planning, LLC

New Heights Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm that is dedicated to serving adventurers. We help clients get their financial lives in order before setting out on a location-independent lifestyle. We enjoy educating our clients about their finances so they can continue to make smart decisions with their money along their journey. Since we are also full-time travelers, we work virtually with our clients, so anyone can meet with us from wherever they may be in the world!

Ideal Client: We enjoy working with younger couples or pre-retirees who are interested in pursuing a location independent or nomadic lifestyle. These clients may need a little extra help making sure their finances are secure before setting out on their journey.
Nuventure CPA LLC

Taxes are annoying. Finances are complicated. Especially, when you're a full-time traveler living and working out of your RV or luggage bag. There's a lot of grey area for folks like us.

I'm a digital nomad CPA. I've been traveling for over three years in the US and abroad out of a backpack, campervan, and now RV. I get the lifestyle of always being on the move.

Let's work together to get your unique situation figured out, so you can carry on to your next adventure.

Ideal Client: Innovative folks that realize the value in knowing the financial health of their business...but also know their time is valuable and best spent creating and producing rather than accounting and taxes.
Quarter for Your Crisis

A digital marketing company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs create purpose-driven lives and businesses. Through our content, courses, and coaching, we teach entrepreneurs how to use the best marketing strategies to grow their business (all while getting more of their life back). We live and work full-time from our fifth-wheel and our faith is at the heart of all that we do.

Ideal Client: Our ideal clients are entrepreneurs who not only want to grow their business online but who want to build a business that gives them more time to do the things they love. We believe in putting systems, processes, and strategies in place so that you can serve your clients best and still live a balanced life. Our ideal client has a sense of adventure, wants to create time and financial freedom, and is ready to invest in their business and marketing strategies.

Jewelry, accessories and home goods for wise women: the new modern minimalist shopping destination from New Orleans.

Throughout the year we have various weeks where our sales benefit organizations that align with our values such as Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc. Additionally, some of our products are from makers who donate a percentage of each good sold to local women’s shelters.

Ideal Client: 20-40-year-old women working in a creative industry who are searching for unique pieces to help them express an empowered aesthetic.

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