The Business Directoy

Your business thrives when you hire the right people for the right work.

I believe in hiring businesses that share the same values I do.  This business directory focuses on businesses that are either woman-owned, nomad-owned or are in some way giving back or doing good in the world.

VK Voiceover

I narrate in the style of an everyman/teacher - calm and luxurious, but with authority. While younger than many in my field, I pull from a broad wealth of experiences. Based on the script I'm given, I can vary the tone, timbre, and placement of my voice to match the material and audience. Your audio/video project will benefit greatly from my training and professionalism! I offer 24-hour turnaround, including in-house recording and editing.

Ideal Client: I love working with tech companies because we speak the same language! Clients with promotional projects have also been great fun, and I enjoy narrating for clients that do audio tours and documentaries. Above all, any client with a solid script and a clear vision is ideal for me.

Wordsmith Business Services

I offer complete proofreading and editing services for authors and bloggers. Our rates are reasonable and our service is fast with turnaround times as short as 24 hours.

Ideal Client: We enjoy working with new authors and entrepreneurs to help them present themselves in a professional manner.

Tru4you LLC

work is important. Work is where most people get and receive value, contribute and grow personally, and develop their professional identities. When there is uncertainty around our job, we are forced to face some uncomfortable decisions and unfamiliar aspects of ourselves. As a career/life coach, I help you navigate these unpredictable times and get you moving in the direction of finding a gratifying job. Together we evaluate options, decide the best courses of action, and deal with fears and uncertainties. Truthfully, anyone can find a job; the real magic happens when you find the right opportunity. I would welcome the chance to work with you.

Ideal Client: Ideal clients are curious, interested and personally committed to change. They struggle with various aspects of the search process but equally motivated to explore what they want and deal with their fears. They may be un/under employed, not personally/professionally challenged, re-entering the workforce, experiencing workplace conflict, or going through a life transition. Ideal clients set and achieve their goals, don't linger in the search process, and move into their new career with confidence.

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