Brand Development

Brand Your Being

As a trained psychotherapist I help you translate your genuine skills and personality into a brand that’s authentic, practical, and effective. I offer start-to-finish services including brand formulation, copywriting, branding and web design. The process is personal, collaborative, and strategic.

Ideal Client: I love to work with people who are willing to bring their full selves and story to the table. I believe personal brands should be personal, and best suit the client and clientele – not one or the other. My ideal clients are often coaches, therapists, and like-minded healers and creatives.
Christina Shults Design

I travel the country while working with wonderful people and businesses on bringing their creative visions to life, taking in infinite amounts of inspiration on the road and setting aside the time we both need to dedicate ourselves to the project.

My services range from creating new identities from scratch (logo creation, business cards, small websites, etc), to creating beautiful branding materials to further push your brand along in the direction you want it to go in (editorial design, stationery, eBooks, social media graphics, etc). My style is clean, thorough and always well-researched no matter which industry your business is in.

Ideal Client: My ideal client is someone who understands the importance of beautiful branding and how it can elevate their business to the next level. They’re passionate about what they do want to make sure their vision comes alive in the best way possible. Nothing makes me happier than taking on a project with someone who is excited about what they do and ready to go all in.
Ciera Design Studio

I’m passionate about helping small businesses bring their visions to life through intentional graphic design & branding.

I don’t (and won’t) design “just a logo” – I’m in it for the long haul and want to be an ongoing partner in helping your business to succeed.

Ideal Client: Creative entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in taking their business to the next level. My ideal client is ready to transform their brand and fulfill their greatest potential.

I adore working with passionate solopreneurs and small businesses to design captivating and cohesive brand identities allowing them to develop a brand they can build their business upon and exceed their biggest goals.

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