Digital Marketing

GrowMeow Consulting

I’m a nomadic digital marketer.I focus primarily on Facebook, organic/paid, as well as the associated content and bots.

My goal is to produce content and ads so likable, your prospective customers enjoy seeing them despite the”sponsored” disclaimer at the top. Nobody likes ads, so it’s imperative to give your customers something they love in return for the interruption.

Ideal Client: Good people with unique and visually interesting products/services who take excellent care of their customers and practice the golden rule in all interactions.

Bonus if they’re in the outdoors/camping/travel/fishing spaces!
Quarter for Your Crisis

A digital marketing company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs create purpose-driven lives and businesses. Through our content, courses, and coaching, we teach entrepreneurs how to use the best marketing strategies to grow their business (all while getting more of their life back). We live and work full-time from our fifth-wheel and our faith is at the heart of all that we do.

Ideal Client: Our ideal clients are entrepreneurs who not only want to grow their business online but who want to build a business that gives them more time to do the things they love. We believe in putting systems, processes, and strategies in place so that you can serve your clients best and still live a balanced life. Our ideal client has a sense of adventure, wants to create time and financial freedom, and is ready to invest in their business and marketing strategies.

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