Have you tried the Indecision Obliterator?

the hardest part of getting started

is deciding what to start on.

The Indecision Obliterator was built to get you past that in a hurry.

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What is the Indecision Obliterator?

The Indecision Obliterator is a tool that’s built to help you decide which task you should be working on.

Time and time again, my clients have told me that their biggest struggle is just deciding what they should get started on.

They’re ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, but everything on their plate feels equally important and urgent.

And I think we’ve all been there. So, I created this tool to help get you over that hurdle in a hurry.

Who am I?

Hey, there – I’m Dani Schnakenberg.

I’m a business systems strategist, serial entrepreneur, and nomadic mom of five. And I have ADHD.

The Indecision Obliterator solves a problem that I’ve struggled with myself, as well as witnessed clients struggle with time and time again.

The solution ended up being simpler than I ever imagined: automate the decision-making process.

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