Acuity Scheduling

Scheduling your client appointments should be simple and seamless. Get help from an Acuity Certified Expert.

(Psst…that’s me!)

“Are you available Tuesday at 9am?  Wait, what timezone are you in again?”

It’s the beginning of every dreaded booking conversation if you’re not using a proper system.

That back and forth can be enough to drive you crazy, and if your client needs to reschedule, you get the pleasure of doing it all over again.

Match timezones, comparing availability, and setting up the meeting arrangements–enough already!

The harder it is to book a call with you, the less effective your meeting will be (especially if it’s an on-boarding consultation).  If you want to book that client, your booking process needs to be painless.

Not to mention, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than answer the back and forth emails, right?  I thought so.

What is Acuity Scheduling?

It’s more than just a scheduling tool.  Acuity Scheduling gives you the professional edge that puts your clients instantly at ease.

Efficient Calendar Management

Set customized availability and integrate with your digital calendar to ensure you’re never double-booked.  Clients schedule in their own timezone, clearing up scheduling headaches in a snap.

Always on Brand

Customize everything to match the look and feel of your existing brand, and even embed your calendar straight on your website for a seamless booking experience.

Accept Payments

Or don’t.  It’s up to you. Acuity allows you to sell gift certificates, set up packages, memberships, and even give group classes.  Collect your payments upfront along with any other information you need so that you are prepared for your session.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why do you need my help?

It’s user-friendly enough for you to handle on your own (I promise), but here’s what I bring to the table:

Acuity Certified Expert

I’m an Acuity Certified Expert (ACE) who can get you up and running in a flash.  My advanced knowledge of Acuity features and capabilities is at your fingertips to help you get the most out of your Acuity Scheduling account.


Integrate with Everything

Acuity is powerful enough to be a complete system for some entrepreneurs.  But you’re probably not just “some entrepreneur”.  I can help you integrate Acuity Scheduling with the other tools you’re using to keep your processes organized and your customer experience seamless.


Value Your Time

Let’s be honest, you probably have way better things to do than tinker with a bunch of settings on a new tool (or one you just haven’t had time to figure out yet).  You’d rather be serving your client than figuring out the logistics of getting them on your calendar anyway. 

Here’s how I can help you…

Basic Setup

One calendar

Up to 5 appointment types

Customized with your logo and colors

Customized intake forms

Integrate with PayPal or Stripe

Sync with your iCloud or Google Calendar

Automated reminder and follow-up emails

Custom Setup

Multiple calendars

Multiple appointment types

Customized to fully match your brand

Multiple customized intake forms

Integrate with nearly anything

Sync with your iCloud or Google Calendar

Customized, automated reminder and follow-up emails

Already Using Acuity?

Maybe you’re already using and loving Acuity, but you’re not sure you’re using it to its full potential.  Let me help you! 

Need help integrating another tool?

Ready to clean up your account?

Need help adding group classes?

Ready to start offering packages?


Whether you’re new to Acuity or need some help adding custom integrations or cleaning up your process, the first step is scheduling a project consultation with me.

More of a Do-It-Yourselfer?

Maybe you like to be a little more hands-on but need some guidance.  I’ve got you covered!  Grab a spot on my calendar and in this 1-hour session, we’ll go over all of your questions about Acuity.

Investment: $129 for a recorded, 1-hour session

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