Retainer Packages

Want an expert on-call throughout the month to help manage your WordPress site, sales funnels, or email marketing?

Many of my clients have found that they just love having me on-call.  Whether it’s for the quick plugin installation, fixing a slider, changing out ads, switching out your blogs’ color schemes, creating a new opt-in, sending out a newsletter, or you’re inexplicably locked out of your site, you can have me at your fingertips. We’ll get you set up in our client office so that I’m only a quick note away for any task you have during the month.  By paying for a block of time up front, you’ll benefit from discounted rates and be at the top of my task list.  Retainer packages are limited to ensure I have proper time set aside for all paying clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me on multiple sites or projects?

Absolutely!  You are buying a block of hours and if you’re working on multiple sites/projects, they can be used throughout any projects that we have discussed during your onboarding.

What if I go over my purchased hours?

If you go over the number of hours you have purchased for the month you have two options:

1) you can upgrade to the next largest package for the month, or

2) you can choose to be billed hourly for the overage at the discounted rate of your current package.

Is there a minimum number of months I need to commit to?

Nope!  Invoices are sent monthly, and if you aren’t ready to commit to another monthly retainer, just let me know.  You’ll have the option of continuing on with regularly hourly rate help if you wish.

Do I pay up front?

Yes.  A retainer package is a set number of hours that are purchased and good for 30 days from the purchase date.  By paying up front, you are benefiting from a discounted rate and being a priority client.  If you’d rather, limited hours are available on an as-needed basis at my regular (higher) rate.

Is there a minimum usage?

Yes.  I record time in 15-minute increments.

Can I roll over hours I don’t use?

No.  Hours must be used within 30 days of purchase.  I do not allow unused hours to accumulate to ensure that all retainer clients are treated fairly and that I have time for all of my paying clients.

Will you provide a detailed task report of how my hours are spent?

No.  I’m more than happy to provide an estimated breakdown if we’re working on multiple large projects (multiple brands, or short-term projects that aren’t normally part of your retainer tasks), but a detailed breakdown will not be available.  If you’re looking for this sort of detailed reporting, you may wish to look into a Virtual Assitant service or hiring an employee rather than a retainer relationship.

Ultimately, my goal is to do as much as I can for your business within the parameters of our retainer relationship.  I’m here to lend my expertise to help your business grow.  We’ll both work best if I’m not worried about tracking seconds spent. 🙂

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