Whenever I meet with a client for the first time, we always start by discussing where they are in their life and their business. And every discussion features one of two words: overwhelmed or scattered. More often than not, both words make an appearance.

Overwhelmed and scattered come up in almost every email, DM, and social media comment I receive.  They represent the status quo for digital female entrepreneurs. 

And every time I see or hear those words, I’m filled with sincere empathy.   

I’ve been there.

But I’m also filled with hope because while I know we can never banish those feelings completely, I know that we are not powerless against them. 

We have access to tools and the ability to create systems that can help us banish feeling scattered

And ultimately, as tough as this is to hear, feeling overwhelmed is a choice.  We can choose to wallow in self-pity at the unfairness of our circumstances or choose to take action and change the result of those circumstances.

It’s up to you to create a new reality where you don’t always feel scattered and overwhelmed.  And a simple solution to getting started is to create a digital headquarters for your life and business. 

Eradicate Feeling Scattered by Creating a Digital Headquarters for Your Life

At this point, we’ve all adopted a vast network of tools and apps that we use daily in an attempt to make our lives easier.  We have apps for our calendars and apps for our grocery lists.  We have notebooks for ideas and folders for research.  Our systems are as varied as the information we gather. 

But none of this helps us feel less scattered.  Often it further compounds the feeling.

This is because we replaced remembering the individual pieces of information with remembering where we stored it.

It’s the constant feeling of “If I put this here, it’s safe, and I’ll remember it” — which becomes a mystery location when we actually need whatever the thing was.  It’s frustrating enough when we do it with a physical item with limited hiding places.  It’s downright maddening when we do this with something intangible like an idea.

A digital headquarters eradicates the problem because it gives every piece of information a home.  We no longer have to waste time and energy remembering which app or notebook or tool we chose to house the information.  We simply open up our digital headquarters and search for it. 

With a digital headquarters, our thoughts, ideas, notes, and plans are no longer scattered about, and neither are we. 

Increase Mental Bandwidth by Offloading Information to a Digital Headquarters

Committing your thoughts, ideas, and plans to a digital headquarters allows your brain to close a loop.  It’s the biological equivalent of closing out programs on your computer to make the one you’re working in run faster. 

When our brains are preoccupied with remembering a piece of information (or remembering which tool we offloaded it to), it eats up precious mental bandwidth and fractures our focus. 

A digital headquarters allows our brains to rest, knowing that the information is safely tucked away in an easily accessible location that we won’t forget.  It can now put that energy into other, more fulfilling processes, like actually using information that we’ve collected. 

Not only can reallocating that mental bandwidth help improve our focus and be more productive, but it can also increase our creativity and even rest more effectively. 

By reducing the constant mental load, we make it easier to be present in the moment, no matter what we’re doing.  

Improve Task Delegation by Sharing Your Digital Headquarters

Often we feel like if we could just ask for help, we could get out from beneath the mountain of overwhelm.  

But asking for help and delegating tasks comes with its own increased mental load.  So we default back to feeling like it’s just easier and less stressful if we just do it all ourselves.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Creating and using a digital headquarters reduces the friction involved with delegating tasks. 

Instead of spending more time and energy trying to get the related details out of your head and into a format you can share with someone else, you can simply share that piece of your digital headquarters with them. 

This is a big reason I recommend using a digital headquarters versus creating an analog system. 

By creating a habit of adding information to our digital headquarters, we can easily delegate tasks to our household members, assistants, and colleagues without reinventing the wheel every time. 

Final Thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed and scattered doesn’t have to be your reality.  Creating a digital headquarters for your life and business can significantly reduce the friction in your everyday life, helping you feel less scattered and freeing up precious mental bandwidth for more fulfilling activities. 

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